Welcome to the USS Minerva!

2292, The Federation is entering its golden age. Exploration and peaceful contact with other races are the order of the day. Starfleet, however, knows that there is a storm gathering on the horizon. In the wake of the events surrounding Project Genesis, tensions with the Klingons are still high. The incursions into Federation space by Klingon commanders Kruge and Klaa, though unauthorized by the Klingon High Council, are on the increase, pointing to a possible instability in the ruling government. The Romulans are being... enigmatic.

The Miranda-class is a proven design for exploration and defence, with missions ranging from the exciting to the mundane. The burden of safeguarding and extending the growing Federation often falls to these vessels without the glamorous rewards.

Minerva is one such 'workhorse', a sturdy ship with an experienced crew. Named after the ancient goddess of knowledge and wisdom, they are about to discover that 'routine' is only the start of the adventure, join us on our first steps into the Undiscovered Country...

Minerva dedication plaque


Latest News Items

» We're Back

Posted on 16 Mar 2021 @ 7:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige in General News

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled program..."

» New Mission

Posted on 03 Sep 2020 @ 6:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige in General News

Our new mission, "The Happy Wanderer" is now open for posting. Let us boldly go!

» New Mission

Posted on 07 Jul 2020 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige in General News

The new mission: "To The Weary, Rest" is now open for posting. The setting is Star Station India. This is a chance to further develop our characters, perhaps in a more relaxed setting, before the next mission. Enjoy!

» Young Minds Fresh Ideas

Posted on 05 Jul 2020 @ 9:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige in Sim Announcement

Please welcome Matt, who will be writing our new worker-of-miracles, estimator-par-excellence AKA Chief Engineer, Colm Taggart.

» Task Force 64 Player of the Month

Posted on 01 May 2020 @ 10:53am by Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige in General News

Congratulations to Tom for being selected by Bravo Fleet Task Force Task Force 64 Player of the Month to quote someone "There is a supply of Romulan Ale aboard, it should help the evening pass smoothly."

Latest Mission Posts

» Beacon Ahoy

Mission: The Happy Wanderer
Posted on 01 Apr 2021 @ 9:02pm by Lieutenant Eugene Falkenberg & Lieutenant Khaled al Rashid

"All nonessential personnel clear the deck! Retrieval crew to standby! Tractor beam engaged!"

The shuttlebay officer's voice reverberated throughout the cavernous facility. Crewmen rushed across the broad tarmac and the radsuit-clad retrieval team busied themselves checking their toolboxes and diagnostic equipment. Through the open shuttlebay doors, a blue beam reached…

» Reunion

Mission: The Happy Wanderer
Posted on 16 Mar 2021 @ 4:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige & Lieutenant Khaled al Rashid & Lieutenant Eugene Falkenberg

A standard navigational beacon is just over 3 meters in length with a lozenge-shaped metallic casing housing the computerised guts of the thing. At the base of the casing is a solitary thruster capable of only the most basic of maneuvers. On each side of the body are 'arms' that…

» Jumping Right In

Mission: Once Upon A Time
Posted on 10 Feb 2021 @ 9:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige & Lieutenant Khaled al Rashid

The shimmering column of light on the transporter pad quickly formed into the figure of a Starfleet officer, lieutenant by the rank pin and operations division by the ochre collar, with a Starfleet duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He had dark complexion, shaven head and neatly trimmed facial hair.…

» Into the Fray Once More

Mission: Once Upon A Time
Posted on 07 Feb 2021 @ 9:50pm by Lieutenant Eugene Falkenberg

The shuttle door opened. Mike rolled out of his seat, and started to reach for gear stowed behind him.

"That's all right, sir," said the pilot. "Deck crew usually help shift that sort of thing. They'll get it to your quarters."

"Oh," said Mike. "Okay. I'll leave it then. Except…

» Tour Kindle style (back post)

Mission: Once Upon A Time
Posted on 01 Nov 2020 @ 10:00pm by Ensign Dinui Kindle


[ Damage control office ]

Dinui finished up her reports and checked the schedule for the rest of the rotations. She was getting off duty shortly and she had previously promised to give a tour to a recent rescuee from a group of pirates. She grinned as she finished…

Latest Personal Logs

» Noo....... Noo.... Noo...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 03 Apr 2020 @ 9:53pm by Lieutenant Deborah Casion

Personal log.. Stars are. 8803.6.....

I don't know.... Can't. Understand.... I'm eating. But my intestines are Hollow.... I. Feel... ?????????

The report..... Doesn't. Help.. Nothing. No...thing.. Left.... All that's left is here.. Now.... I really need the galaxy to be kind. For I don't know how long.... The rage. I…

» It's.... NOt..RIGHT!!!!!!!!

Posted on 22 Mar 2020 @ 3:17pm by Lieutenant Deborah Casion

Stardates:: 8800.7. Personal log... I'm here. It's. A good. Posting..... Three days in. The department is turning in the right direction... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. (recording paused)

Unseen by the log. Deborah was curled into her couch.. digital frame of her family. Plastered to her breast.. weeping like a charged firehouse.