Gameplay and player conduct

1) Every member is required to post at least once (1) every ten (10) days or three (3) times a month. These posts should either be solos, standard Joint Posts or larger mission JPs. We suggest that solos be around 500 words (about 1 page single spaced), however, more developed posts are encouraged.

2) All members are expected to log in and respond to TAGs within two (2) days. However, if a member is not able to achieve this consistently they will not be disciplined. This policy is in place as a courtesy to your fellow writers and a way to keep posts and stories flowing.

3) If a member doesn't log in for a (1) week without first letting the CO/XO know or requesting an LOA they will be asked via PM to see what's going on and if the member needs help or to go on LOA.

a. If a member is inactive for two weeks they will be sent a second check by PM and email. The member has one week to reply before being put on inactive status.

b. A player put on inactive status in this fashion may contact the CO at any time to resume writing on Minerva. The player should note that their former position may not be available, especially if they were a department head.

4) New players have 1 week from the date their acceptance date to login and post their arrival to the simm. After 1 week of inactivity, they will be sent a PM which they have a week to respond to. After 1 week has gone by, they will be put on inactive status.

a. The player may come back in the same way as section 3(b) above. However, if they repeat the same pattern of inactivity as section 4 the CO exercises their right to deny their return.

5) When contributing to joint posts, click "Save" at the bottom of the page rather than "Post." When every writer in a joint post is in agreement that the post is ready to post, designate one person to post it, and that person will do so.

6) All members must update their biographies at the end of each mission to describe things that happened to them and their character development.

Leave of Absence

1) Any player may request a leave of absence at any time. Player should be ready to give the CO at least a general reason for the LOA. However if it's a private issue just say so and the issue will not be taken further.