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Lieutenant Commander Warren Paige

Name Warren Paige

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Warren has an athletic swimmer's build, honed by a youth spent by the sea, which is maintained by the required physical fitness tests of Starfleet. There is the long faded scar of a jellyfish sting on his hip, usually hidden by clothes. Medical records indicate he also has a very mild salicylate allergy.


Spouse None
Children None
Father One
Mother One
Other Family Warren has romantically linked(?) with Ceilea, a biologist, currently working on Earth.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Warren has a relatively easy-going personality developed from living in paradise. He is generally approachable and friendly. This has been balanced with frontline service in Starfleet on the border. He enjoys black coffee with a hint of sweetener.
Strengths & Character Flaws In his recent command training, deficiencies in tactical situations were highlighted and his solutions to scientific problems were considered derivative. However, he scored well in diplomatic taskings.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, Diving, Outdoor pursuits.

Personal History Warren was born on Earth in 2257 at the undersea Challenger Reach Research Center in Earth's Western Pacific Ocean where his parents were employed. He spent his first few years at facility before his parents decided that the ocean floor was no place to raise a child, so the family relocated to Agana on the nearby island of Guam to provide a more stable environment and split time between the research station and dry land.

Growing up on an island, water-based leisure activities featured were a large part of Warren's upbringing. In his youth, he also crewed a local fishing boat. As he grew older, Warren expressed a hope in joining his parents in undersea research, but eventually found himself disinterested in science. The idea of a career in touch with the ocean still appealed and Warren answered a recruiting advert for the Federation Naval Service, surely an exciting thing for a young man to do. However, while waiting to be interviewed, he saw a competing recruiting spot for Starfleet and instead opted to sail a different ocean.. an ocean of stars!

Warren initially enlisted; high aptitude test scores in linguistics meant placement in the communications specialty track. Upon completion of training he was posted to station 6 of the Epsilon Relay Network. The intimate living conditions and close personal connections among the dozen or so crew of the largely automated station really appealed to Warren, reminding him of the island communities he had left at home.

Eventually Warren sought a new challenge and he applied for a slot in a program that selected young enlisted personnel for commissions as officers. To his great surprise, he was selected.

Four long years on Earth followed, but his actual fleet experience provided a solid basis for how things worked, but there was still lots to learn about being an officer. He undertook survival training in the Arctic near Alta in Norway. Plus, he got to see his family regularly.

Graduation from the Academy did not propel now-Ensign Paige into deep space to talk to aliens, rather just into orbit to work at Spacedock as a departure controller.

In 2286, he was seconded to the starship Oberon as a relief communicator to cover illness.

Following the Oberon, Warren found himself back at Station 6, this time as a commissioned officer. The atmosphere was different, as he was no longer 'one of the boys'. He didn't hate it, but the first time was better. Whatever Warren's feelings about his boomerang posting, his performance was good enough to selected for command school. Fleet wanted command candidates from non-traditional service backgrounds.

At command school, Warren struggled with his coursework, deficiencies in tactical situations were highlighted and his solutions to scientific problems were considered derivative. He finished in the bottom third, but he finished. However, he scored well in diplomatic taskings. Upon graduation, there were too many commanders and not enough postings, so he was posted to Rigel IX to command an orbital satellite maintenance unit.

Eventually though all bad things must end, and Warren was posted to the USS Minerva as Chief Communications Officer and First Officer under Commander Mokeke.
Service Record 2275 - 2277: Enlisted Trainee, Starfleet Academy
2277 - 2280: Crewman, Communications Technician, Epsilon VI Relay Station
2280 - 2284: Student, Starfleet Academy
2284 - 2286: Ensign, Communications Officer - Departures, Earth Spacedock
2286 - 2286: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Communications Officer, USS Oberon
2287 - 2289: Lieutenant, Chief Communications Officer, Epsilon VI Relay Station
2289 - 2290: Student, Starfleet Command School
2292: Lieutenant, Chief Communications Officer & Executive Officer, USS Minerva
2292: Lieutenant Commander, Commanding Officer, USS Minerva