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Ensign Dinui Kindle

Name Dinui Devin Quinn Kindle

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Humanoid (Isisean)
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 96 lbs.
Hair Color Auburn (often dyed other colors)
Eye Color Amber copper brown
Physical Description Dinui at under five feet tall is usually noticed first by her hair, which while naturally Auburn and very curly she is known to dye it on occasion for fun. Her eyes are a bright amber copper brown. She has a few small scars from ice skating mishaps and other misadventures but nothing that is a true bother to her.

**Not known to All Yet --
Her feline form is a red brown furred Turkish Angora cat with golden yellow eyes. **


Spouse None to date
Children None to date
Father Aiden Kindle
Mother Sabine McCoy
Brother(s) Cassian Darius Eugene Kindle 26 First born of the quintuplets
Ashton Marcus William Kindle 26 Second born of the quintuplets
Archer Trenton Parker Kindle 26 Third born of the quintuplets
Mason Ryley Edward Kindle 26 Fourth born of the quintuplets
Sister(s) Sarah Jane Darcey Kindle 29 First born of the Kindle's children
Catherine Cyrwyen Amber Kindle 29 Sarah's younger twin.
Other Family Many Aunts uncles cousins Grandparents Extended family. They don't get together often but will send gag gifts to each other on birthdays weddings and the like.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Playful cheeky outgoing and a prankster at times
Very intelligent and curious willing to take risks to find things out.
Strengths & Character Flaws Very intelligent
Loyal to those she trusts
Hard working
Good natural night vision

Weakness include
Fear of Spiders (Hasn't admitted to out loud to others yet).
Allergic to Numerous Spider bites/venom.

She has Slightly smaller heart in comparison to most Humans

Her lungs are slightly bigger than in comparison to most Humans

Bright light sensitivity

She has very limited telepathy meaning she needs to either be within her visual range of the person or have a strong emotional connection with the person, (from hate, to friendship, to love as examples of emotional connection) to either send or hear thoughts. She is far from an expert and usually only gets random 'loud' thoughts from others. She can usually send a thought to anyone unless they have trained to ignore other telepaths or they just don't hear her. Using her limited telepathy for extended periods of time causes her extremely painful migraines that can put her off her feet for days or longer if not properly tended too. This limit is only effortless between herself and another Isisean, but there are only two others officially in the Fleet. (Like a Betazoid to another Betazoid, best example that I am aware of that doesn't require touching to work.)

Quirky sense of humor some would say it warped.
Ambitions Do her job and have fun doing it maybe one day have a family of her own.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering, building, puzzles, games, music, and more. Loves ice skating and swimming. Likes learning martial arts (as a student of many but master of none).

Adores cooking when the chance is available can make most things from stews to pie cakes and pastries.

** Her secret hobby is crocheting but she's quite horrible at it often the finished product is misshapen or has numerous gaping holes in it. She still enjoys it for fun and will at times gift something to a friend. **

Personal History Dinui grew up on Freighter with the majority of her family aboard. She's the youngest of the quintuplets and the only girl, her two older sisters whom are twins but they didn't often play with her. Her parents decided that giving their kids long names because it was the traditional thing to do. Dinui was most often under the feet of the cooks or engineers of the Freighter when she wasn't off causing light mischief with her brothers. After Dinui completed general schooling she surprised the whole Family by her decision to apply to Star Fleet. It wasn't an approved idea by most but Dinui was determined to do something besides spend the rest of her days on Freighter.

After her application to the academy was accepted she dove into her course work with relish. Her main focus was engineering and damage control. Though she did well in communication and diplomacy classes.

While at the academy she didn't prank anyone often. Usually folks that were known to be bullying others would end up with outlandish hair coloring in the mornings or someone would send cupcakes that would pop apart covering the folks in icing jelly and sprinkles. Most often she wasn't caught but when she was she would admit that it had been her, though never once did she give the names of those that helped her in the pranks.

After graduation she was assigned to the USS Churchill as damage control specialist

The USS Archer was her next assignment but she was asked to work on communications when she wasn't needed for damages control work.

Her newest assignment it to the USS Minerva her official position to be determined by the Commanding officers.

***Notes on her race, not everyone knows, the captain does because he/she has the right to know he/she will decide whom else to tell officially. While older crew and civilians whom might have had interactions with another Isisean in the past, feel free to PM me and we can point out the traits you would notice for her.

Race: Isisean, original race designated Omegan. (See here,

Unlike Earth Humanoids, Isiseans are able to manipulate their cell structure so that they can take on feline appearance. This process of cellular metamorphosis it taught to the young at an early age as early as two to four months old, while most species are crawling.

Almost all master it before reaching their teens. Isiseans who do not train as children are less likely to develop their abilities later due to physiological changes between children and adults.

It is not clear how Isisean or Omegan came to have this ability as much of their history was lost when the Isiseans splintered off from the Omegans.

It is believed that long ago both races originated from a felidae ancestry and later evolved humanoid features. Socially conjecture has resulted in this being a hot topic with many debating which is their natural form, Cat or Humanoid. However the majority of the population commonly adopt a humanoid form during their daily lives, possibly to better enable interacting with other humanoids.

The ability to change comes at an early age and is not dissimilar to puberty in Humans. Those who do not train as children are less likely to succeed in developing the ability later in life.

Originally Omegan but split off from the main group as they did not agree with the main group's goals, that being the defeat of Earth and removal of Starfleet and the Federation.

Theses ex-Omegans traveled far and wide dropping off in small groups on various human settlements before a larger group settled in after finding a new home deep in the far reaches of the Beta quadrant. They started calling themselves Isiseans, and left it at that. These people are in general of medium build and are varying in skin tone and color as any regular human. Their eyes are sometimes dual colored (heterochromia iridium) though more often than not they have eyes the same color like most humans. Usually only Isisean with parents having heterochromia iridium will get it as well but it usually skips generations. What makes these folks different from humans is very slight differences, very slightly smaller hearts, larger lung capacity. Telepathic neural pathways in their brains. They are naturally telepathic with each other and can hear thoughts of others with in these restrictions. Either within visual sight of the person whose thoughts they are meant to hear, have a connection of emotional sort from concern to love even hate if the person is considered an enemy. Otherwise they would not hear the thoughts unless there was extreme volume in the thought. Most are bright light sensitive. Their hearing is almost as good as a Vulcans. Their sense of smell is very strong and often leading to allergic responses to various pollens, pollution, and the like.

In general most Isisean are playful curious folks that want to enjoy life, living. Intelligent and often capable of interesting creations but they don't often keep with their inventions. Some having tired of the rather tame existence, began traveling again some choosing to smuggle aboard star ships after riding in on various freighters to starbases. Being a ship's cat having adventures with being able to come and go coming and go as they please.

That is what sets the Isiseans apart the most, the ability to go from human to cat and back again. The risks are strong though, any injuries that are gained in one form remain when returning to the other. Lose any eye as a cat, it is lost when returning to human form.

The few Isiseans that have left their homes over the years come back sharing tales and traveling stories. Some do not return having either died in a glorious misadventure or just choosing a new life elsewhere.

Some Isiseans have recently begun negotiations to join the Federation, offering their small size adventurous natures along with a generous amounts of miszinite ore among others that they'd uncovered in previous years and have too little uses for. Currently only two have officially gone through Starfleet Academy, the others that have joined ships five to date have remained as civilian additions (mascots with CO knowledge of who and what they are along with those the CO trusts to know).

Additional notes; all is based off of Star Trek: The Original Series episode, Assignment Earth - with Gary Seven and his feline companion Isis. With information taken from the original script, comic books and a lot of guesswork. ***
Service Record General schooling 2270-2282
Star Fleet academy 2282-2286
USS Churchill 2286-2288 assigned as Damage control specialist
USS Archer 2288-2292 Communications and Damage control specialist
USS Minerva 2292 position pending Command staff decision