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Tour Kindle style (back post)

Posted on 01 Nov 2020 @ 10:00pm by Ensign Dinui Kindle

Mission: Once Upon A Time
Location: various
Timeline: To be determined


[ Damage control office ]

Dinui finished up her reports and checked the schedule for the rest of the rotations. She was getting off duty shortly and she had previously promised to give a tour to a recent rescuee from a group of pirates. She grinned as she finished up her paperwork. He is as a funny guy and she noticed he had to the very brightest blue-gray eyes she had ever seen. (Not that she was going to admit that yet). Dinui tucked an errant curl behind her left ear as she walked down the corridor and made her way to Sickbay.

[ Sickbay ]

After meeting with the Executive Officer earlier Hudson-Shaw had gone back to Sickbay to help out with the patients from the action yesterday. Nearly all were well on the way to recovery, a couple were more seriously injured but they were stable.

A little while later a Nurse notified him he had a visitor. "Hi, how are you, healing up ok?" He greeted the Engineer

Dinui gave him her signature cheeky smile, flashing a hint of her dimples at him, "I am just fine thank you, I came by to see if you are up for the tour or if you want me to come back another time?" She was impressed by the very evident change in him, though the fact he was no longer a prisoner on a pirate ship was likely the biggest cause.

"Ok," He grinned "Let me just finish my rounds and then l'm free, give me about ten minutes?"

Dinui nodded, "Sure, I will just wait for you in the entryway. Take your time." If she had asked ahead of time if he was available instead of just walking down to find out in person she wouldn't have had to wait but being more involved was her style anyway.

He completed the review of the patients and updated their notes. Leaving them in the capable care of the nurses and Doctor Brelia.

Leaving his lab coat behind he came back to Kindle with a grin. "Alright, lead on!"

Dinui grinned cheekily up at him, "Well first off I am guessing that you've already seen the bridge? So would you want the high light tour or the where you're likely to find the best food or chance to take a swim or something else?"

Hudson-Shaw chuckled. "Yeah I've seen some of the regular parts, why don't you show me the less travelled paths, food and a swim sounds interesting too"

Dinui grinned cheekily at him, "First I want to show you something about deck seven that some joker had fun with unless you have already seen the funny sign posted on the Food synthesizer control?" Someone had posted Foot Synthesizer Control instead of Food, she had seen it during her first routine patrol for damage control

Dinui didn't know who the joker was but it was too funny to fix it at least in her opinion. "Otherwise our main focus will be around deck five, which includes the officer's mess, arboretum, aquarium, recreation deck, my favorites are the swimming pool and gymnasium."

Hudson-Shaw chuckled. "That explains why some of that synthesizer food always tastes a bit cheezy"
Lead on Dinui!"

He followed the Engineer out to a turbo lift. "So how long you been on the Minerva?" He asked

Dinui laughed softly as they stepped in the lift, "Two weeks and four days, was smooth sailing until the last few days. Not complaining too much though, I don't want to borrow trouble." She tended to get in her own trouble anyway. "Are you sticking around or just hitching a ride until we catch up with USS Memphis?"

Hudson-Shaw smiled "Two weeks and for days? Look like you find your way around pretty quickly! I'll be hopefully heading back to the Memphis. Although it's been over three months they've probably got themselves a new Doctor by now and there was talk of her getting one of those long exploration missions too.

Can you imagine seeing all those new things for the first time, new planets, new species..." He got a faraway look in his eyes "I'd hate to miss out on that! "

After a moment he came back "But right now lets get on with the tour" and gave her a grin.

Dinui smiled, "Well before the boarders and your entrance we were pretty slow so had time to explore and get the lay of the land so to speak. If the Memphis has a Doctor doesn't mean that you can't go join them. Doctors are needed as much as Engineering." She paused and added, "Far as I know we're going exploring but I don't know where they are going to be focusing. Should be fun." As long as no one brought back any spiders.

Hudson-Shaw chuckled "Yeah I'm with you, Engineers are needed! When something on the ship breaks don't call me! Lead on!"

Dinui showed him the Arboretum and aquarium, the gymnasium and the and the last stop was the crew mess. "The chef tries to keep things interesting on most days but Thursday is always mystery meatloaf sometimes it's really great," she paused outside the doorway and looked up at him, "If you see folks making stink eye face don't get the meatloaf. Trust me go for the soup and sandwich instead." She said in a soft serious tone before the doorway parted.

The room was pretty crowded no funny faces being made, Dinui gave Shaw a cheeky grin and moved forward. It wasn't meatloaf in the air, it looked suspiciously like lasagna on a lot of folks plates.

"Hey lasagna" Hudson-Shaw smiled "After months of dodgy food on that pirate ship I can eat anything!" He joined the line to get a plate full.

Dinui followed him in the line. She could only imagine how hard it must have been for him on the pirate ship. He had improved in appearance since he had been part of the Minerva. Dinui got her own plate of lasagna and picked up some slices of garlic bread toast. "Well here's hoping you enjoy the lasagna."

Hudson-Shaw had found them both a table and was already working on his first mouthful. He nodded and grinned. "Mmmmhummmm!"


Dinui Kindle Damage Control specialist

Hudson Shaw CMO (player left )


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