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Into the Fray Once More

Posted on 07 Feb 2021 @ 9:50pm by Lieutenant Eugene Falkenberg
Edited on on 08 Feb 2021 @ 10:44pm

Mission: Once Upon A Time
Location: Minerva Shuttle Bay
Timeline: Immediately after Mixed Messages

The shuttle door opened. Mike rolled out of his seat, and started to reach for gear stowed behind him.

"That's all right, sir," said the pilot. "Deck crew usually help shift that sort of thing. They'll get it to your quarters."

"Oh," said Mike. "Okay. I'll leave it then. Except for this." He took the small messenger bag from the top of the pile.
Still bent in the tiny confines of the courier he nodded to the pilot before ducking onto the top step of the ladder. "Thanks for the lift." The pilot was already deep in the report he was recording on the screen in front of him and did not reply.

Mike straightened on the step and blinked in the light of the shuttle deck. His long legs were stiff from sitting for hours. He inhaled and started to stretch out his arms when he became aware of the figure staring up at him from the bottom of the ladder. The man's appearance disrupted Mike's intended micro calisthenics.

The security officer was standing quite formally, his appearance neat and pressed, and with the phaser strapped to his hip, reassuringly martial. His features were regular and smooth, almost angelic, more like a beautiful child than a grown man. "Good afternoon, sir. I am Lieutenant Fucha, duty officer. Ship time is 1243 hours. The captain is waiting for you on the bridge."

"Oh, ah, sure." Mike scuttled down the ladder to face Fucha. The duty officer was about the same height as Mike, and the contrast between the appearance and manner of the two made Mike painfully aware he was, by contrast to the young man, a rumpled, disheveled mess after the long trip, hardly likely to make a good first-impression on Paige’s bridge.

Fucha did not seem to notice, or rather courteously looked beyond Mike's ear as though Mike were a visiting admiral on inspection. "I'll see that your things are delivered to your quarters, sir. Shall I find you an escort to show you to the bridge?" Fucha's eyes swiveled to Mike's.

Mike swallowed. "Is that necessary?"i

"No, sir. You are Second Officer--." The younger man's trailed off with a blush to his cheeks. Mike, without intending, had embarrassed him.

Mike scrambled to make amends. "No, it isn't necessary, but thanks for the offer." Mike did not wait, but headed for the exit of the shuttle bay and the turbolift to the bridge. Halfway there, he realized he had not asked for permission to come aboard.


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